Google Data GIF Maker Will Let You Animate Comparison Charts

Google rolled out its new Data GIF Maker tool that lets people turn data into GIFs. “Today we are releasing Data Gif Maker, a tool to help journalists make these visuals, which show share of search interest for two competing topics,” said Simon Rogers, Data Editor at the Google News Lab and Director of the Data Journalism Awards, in a blog post.

Google Data GIF Maker is easy to use. First enter two data points, which Google says can be competing search interest, polling numbers, sales figures, movie ratings, etc. “If you want to show search interest, you can compare two terms in the Google Trends explore tool, which will give you an average number (of search interest over time) for each term,” Rogers added.

Next, put the two numbers in Data GIF Maker and add text. People can choose their own colours for different data points.  Now, choose explanatory text. Finally, click on ‘Launch Comparisons’ followed by ‘Download as Gif’ to see final results.

Google says the high resolution GIFs take longer, though they’re better suited for social sharing thanks to better quality. GIFs will be made more quickly if users leave the window open on desktop while they are being created. People who want to stick with visuals and not create GIFs, can click on ‘Launch Comparisons’ to open it in their browser window. Next, click on space to browse through the views, which shows five pieces of data, one after the other, by default.

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Google Data GIF maker will let you animate comparison charts